What is this and how do I treat it?

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Jun 10, 2018
This is the second time I’ve seen this and have no clue what it is or what to do. I have twelve 14 week old chickens. Rhodes island reds, Sapphire gems, and barred rocks. I feed them grower crumble and an occasional handful of cracked corn or ferns ( maybe twice a week) as a treat. They all seem healthy.
i also have 9 four year old chickens in another coop. They do not mix and I’ve never seen this in my four year olds.

Help!! Please!


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cracked corn or ferns
Ferns? What kind of ferns?

That's an interesting couple of piles for sure. If having a fecal float is an option, then I suggest you take some samples to your vet to see if Coccidia, worms, etc. may be an issue.

Almost looks like cecal core, but...not quite to me anyway.

For me...at 14 weeks old, if I saw that even one time, I would treat for Coccidiosis and de-worm.
Corid can be found in the cattle section of TSC. Liquid Corid dose is 2tsp per gallon of water or Powdered Corid dose is 1 1/2 tsp per gallon of water. Give for 5-7 days as the only source of drinking water. Don't add any extra vitamins/electrolytes that contain B1(Thiamine) to water or feed while giving Corid.

Safeguard liquid goat dewormer can also be found at TSC. Dose is 0.23ml per pound of weight given orally once a day for 5 days in a row.
It CAN be given while using Corid.

I would cut out the ferns, limit the corn, make sure they have grit (Crushed granite) available. Check your feed to make sure it's fresh, hasn't gotten damp or moldy.

AFTER you finish the Corid and De-worming, give them all a little white cooked rice with buttermilk as a treat for a few days to help restore the gut.

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