What is this chicken thinking?


Feb 27, 2016
Florida Gulf Coast

Baby It’s Cold Outside (This Coop)

Can’t I come in? (Baby it’s cold outside)
Where have you been? Baby it’s cold outside)
Let me in this coop! (Come on, I’ve got to poop)
I’m about to freeze! (Say pretty please!)
Don’t wait one minute more! (Too bad I can’t open the door)
I’m sorry, it won’t happen again (I’m afraid I just can’t let you in)
Baby, what do you mean? (Stop making a scene!)
I’m really quite shocked! (The coop has been locked)
It looks like I’m stuck out here till dawn (I guess you’ll have to sleep on the lawn)
This is just a terrible fate! (Maybe next time you won’t be late!)
Baby, it cold outside!

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