What is this freeloader?


Aug 1, 2014
Appling, GA
This is Comet. She came from TSC on St Patrick's day with a RIR, and a couple of Australorps (1 is a cockerel).
The other two have been laying for a while now and she is not.
Can anyone guess what she is? She's lighter in color & weight than the RIR. Small comb and wattles have been red for a while and she's been squatting for about 2 months. IMG_20181016_093658703.jpg IMG_20181016_094102671.jpg
Her neck feathers almost have a ee color but she has no beard or cheek tuffs. Maybe a sexlink? I'm not very familiar with that breed but it looks a little like the photos I googled. Maybe tsc got their birds from a local farm and it's a mix breed lol she does look a lot like my Easter island (a name I made up ee father rir mother) but she is missing the beard and cheek tuffs and mine has gray tipped feathers
Have you done a pelvic bone check, could she be laying in secret somewhere if she has been squatting that long?

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