What is this hen noise?


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Aug 19, 2011
Amery, WI WI/MN border
I've heard 2 of my hens make this low rumble, (not quite a trill) almost purring noise. It seems like its either a content noise or something to do with the sun. Both times I've heard them, they were either bathing in the sun or staring at the sun coming through the window. Not sure if that is a coiencedence? Anyone know the sound Im discribing and why they do it? And why its only been 2 of my hens?> (one is a mixed banty and the other is a blk orp)
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I think I know the trill, purring noise you are describing. When my chicken do this, it seems like they are saying, "I think I might see a predator but I am not sure". They are often looking at a far-away bird in the sky when they make this sound. Not sure if I am right. Cute sound though isn't it.
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ck-newbe: Yes I love it! I especially love the trill sounds they make when content and drifting off. THis other noise though is a low/quiet rrrrrrrrrr sound. I have a hen that is hurt and she did it when I took her out in the sun and had her sitting in my lap. Today another hen did this....they were all calm and laying down in the bedding. She was standing there calm, head tilted up looking at the window and seemed in a trance when making this sound
One of my LBs makes that noise when she is sitting on my shoulder with her head snuggled in my hair. I told my friends that it sounded like she was purring - in chicken.
One of my BAs makes the same noise when she is on my lap. It is a chicken purr and they will either close their eyes or bat them like "it" feels good. Similar but different to the danger trill.
I call it a "trill"- but when they do it for danger, it's a warning call. It IS slightly different.

I love to hear chicks when they trill as they get all comfy in their brooder. And I love it when an adult chicken favors ME with a trill!
I heard a new noise today also.
Three hens in the 3 boxes, and others
wanting to get in, the ones in the boxes
were making the funniest noises. I guess it
could be described as a trill or growl or almost
a coo.
A few of my girls growl, mostly out of annoyance-like someone near their nest box, or when they see something in the yard.

My spoiled baby growls loudly if you go to pick her up and she's not in the mood. But then she sits contentedly in my arms. Brat.
I also think this is the sound of contentment. All of my chickens do it when seemingly happy (I think it sounds a lot like the sound of a 'gremlin') but the Silkies and my little Black Breasted Red Phoenix hen do it the most.

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