What is this leg problem? Can't walk :(


9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
I am hatching peachicks, and it's not going so well. This is my first time hatching peachicks in an incubator. I had 21 chicken eggs I hatched earlier this year, and only 2 were problematic: 1 too weak to get out of shell; the other's yolk didn't absorb into the abdomen.

I have 5 peachick eggs in the 'bator. The first chick came out fine and is doing great. The second one was too weak to get all the way out, so I culled it. #5 is cheeping but hasn't pipped yet. #3 and #4 have this problem--see photo. What is it? They're lively but can't seem to stand up and walk. They made it out by themselves, 15 hours after #1 did.

And #5 is still in and unpipped, 18 hours after #1 came out. Please help as I am new to incubator hatches. Thanks in advance.
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Thank you. I guess I was thinking this wasn't it since the legs aren't splayed, but I'll treat it as such. Thanks again.

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