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    this 2 week old little buff laced polish has something funny going on..is this pasty butt? i tried to rinse it off with water and it didnt work.. This little lady also has what looks to be curled toes so i am in the process of using tape to try and correct the issue before she gets too old..do you think these two problems are related..does anyone have any idea what this is? will she be ok? thanks

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  2. M.sue

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    May 29, 2011
    Quote:Not positive but the white bumpy stuff ....Mites? Look up the treads for mites & google, they explain and show clear pics.
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    Google lice and chicken and see if the pictures look the same as what you are dealing with. Often, out of control lice colonies end up looking like q-tips attached to the feathers around the vent area. There are several powders that will help but in the short term, you can try giving her a sitz bath with tea-tree oil dog shampoo. Then use a poultry safe lice and mite powder (IF you think it's lice).

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