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10 Years
Jul 24, 2009
I found a buch of this green stuff grown or whatever in the run. Grass has started to grow back in the empty run. Is it mold? Btw this is not the run the chickens are in. Sorry about the pics these were the best I could get. I started seing this a couple days after I combined the chickens into one coop instead of 2 coops. Could this be killing my chickens?




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have your chickens been dying? Or are you just trying to make sure they don't?
Looks almost an algae like what's on a pond or something. Has it been really wet there?
Very wet, We are just getting out of the wet season. We have had 16 of our chickens die in a matter of months. Could algae kill them?
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Looks like a moss to me, Maxx. We have some here. Unless it's something other than moss, I doubt it's causing your troubles. Just keep looking for stuff like that--good observation!

Have you checked out your feed? If you have mold in the feedbag, that would definitely kill your birds. It can sneak up on you, too. Stick your head in the bag and smell, put your hands in there and see if any is clumped, meaning moisture has invaded and probably mold.
The feed is just fine. Is there anyway to get rid of the moss? Should I just try to pick it up?
We have that stuff too. I believe it's a type of moss. I am almost certain that it won't hurt anything, at least it hasn't hurt anything at my house. I wouldn't try to remove it, it will dry up and go away when the weather dries.
i'm sorry to hear that you have had some birds die. I also don't think it the green stuff. However I'd make sure you clean the water containers out (i just a drop of bleach when I clean them - anymore and its hard to get off and i fear poisoning my birds so i only use a drop- and fill with fresh cold water.) and keep an eye on the food. Maybe cut up some hard boiled eggs and give them some yogurt (seperately) just to give them a little 'help'
I hope you don't lose anymore!

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