What is this?


9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
N/E of Richmond, VA
I was wandering our property and thought I found a dead dried up lizard under a sugar gum tree laying amongst the "cold pricklies". I picked it up to find it seems to be wood and appears to have fallen from a tree. I've never seen anything like this before and couldn't find any more of them either on the ground or in any of the trees. It opened easily, but whatever is in it appears to have rotted.


Trumpet vine. Cross Vine. It's just a bit more twisted than usual. Both have pretty flowers, are considered toxic, attract hummingbirds, and are available commercially for gardeners.
So, that's the vine that felled the tree in my back yard and then flowered all pretty. Thank you!!

I hadn't noticed these flowers on the set of trees where I had found the fruit, but there are plenty of woody vines threatening my sugar gums. I will have to watch for the blooms late this summer.
gonzo&hispeeps :

thats neat! If I found that... I'd tell my kids that it's a dinosaur claw!
Because I'm silly that way!

That's the sort of thing my husband would say. I'm always gathering the kids to show them things and tell them the facts and then he goes off with some wild story about dinosaurs or giant killer chickens or something.

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