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Feb 16, 2011
New Jersey
Ok so when i read the topics on here i always here incubator LOCKDOWN what does lockdown mean?
It is from Day 18 to 21 (last 3 days) of the chicks' incubation/hatching, where you aren't supposed to open the incubator at all.

Beyond that, maybe some others want to chime in or can answer any other questions you have about it!
It is the last 3 days of incubation, where you get your humidity up and shut the incubator, stop turning the eggs and don't open until the hatch is over. We call it "lockdown" because it is supposed to be HANDS OFF during this time. Even if you have to tie yourself up or use duct tape whatever it takes to leave the incubator closed.

Lockdown means that the you "lockdown" the incubator the last 3 days of hatch time. On day 18, you bump up your humidity and then keep the incubator closed till after the chicks hatch.

DO NOT OPEN THE INCUBATOR unless it is an emergency!!!!! If you open the incubator, the humidity will drop and you run the risk of shrinkwrapping your chick inside the egg.

I hope this helps!!!

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