what is this???

That is a roo, and that is his comb, as far as I can tell. How old is he? Mine went through a fugly spell while growing up, and looked very similar. He should outgrow it in time.
nope not a roo! She lays eggs once a day. Kinda weird roo to be laying eggs.
She is also 9 months old.
She did have the "silke" fluff all over her head where it looked like she could not see, and now it looks like it is being eaten away from a bug? lice?
OK! I stand (or sit) corrected! LOL! I would have sworn it was a roo. Hmmmmm...
Not sure, now. I'll have to check back and see if someone else has any ideas for you...
Not a problem!
LOL! Yea she does look like a roo cause of whatever is causing it....I wonder if I have to bathe her in some lice powder? Or the whole flock!
Is she with a rooster? I once had a silkie pullets head stripped like that from an overzealous roo. It doesn't grow back too quickly, but should when she moults. She could also just be in a moult. Examine her vent area for mite/lice sacks to rule that out. Typically a light case of mites would not cause this, but an infestation may and sacks would be noticeable.


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