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    I saw one of the hens playing keep away with something that looked like a deflated piece of a white balloon. I couldn't imagine where she got it, but I went out and took it from her. Upon further review, it is most definitely not a balloon, it has kind of a pinkish smaller deflated ball on it, and it had some gel-like stuff on it. I think it might be a shell less egg? But I am not sure. There was not any liquid in the coop. We have three ladies who have just started laying, and have maybe laid one egg each. I have attached pictures of the strange object and would love some insight to make sure it is nothing to be concerned about. The flock otherwise seems just fine. Thanks!! [​IMG]



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    Yes, you are right about that being an egg membrane. Shell-less eggs are common as new hens start to lay. Just make sure tey are getting a good layer feed, and put out some crushed oyster shell and crushed egg shells for some extra calcium in a separate container for free- choice.
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