What is this?


6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Together with those chickens!
Okay so today I had a baby "polish" hatch today and when I went in the coop and lifted up my silkie, I saw it had no poof ball on its head! So my mom was saying that my Cornish Big Bird is the dad because it had big feet and no poof ball. So tell me what you think.
Do you have any other roosters? What breed was the mother? You never know how a cross between different breeds will turn out.
Well yes I do. I have a black crested polish rooster, golden polish rooster, and a Cornish rooster, with golden polish hens, they are all together in a pen. The chick came from one of the polish, but since it looks like my Cornish Big Bird, a little, we suspect he's the dad.

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