What is too hot for 2 wk old chicks outside?


14 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona
I bought my Silkie chicks a bit too early, it is still 100-105 in my brooder outbuilding. I thought when I ordered them Phoenix temps would be around 90... NOT! The chicks are 2 wks old and in the house, but I'd sure like to put them outdoors where I'm better set-up. Is it too hot for them at 100+?
They will tell you if they are uncomfortable. Obviously, making sure they get enough water is important so that they don't suffer from dehydration and they need to be out of the direct sunlight. The brooder has to be cleaned out so that ammonia from the poop does not hurt them. It can build up fast and the ammonia fumes hang low so it can be a problem. Ventilation is important.

I think they can handle the heat but you will have to make that choice.

This summer my bitys were in 100*+ temps and they just walked around panting with their wings spread like the big chickens did. But they were in a pen, not in an oven like outbuilding. You should get them outside as soon as possible. 105* is a dangerous temp for both animals and humans; until then provide plenty of drinking water.
They are in an outbuilding, but the double doors are open and there's a large fan in the window that draws the air out. So far, it's been staying right about 100 by day 85 at night and they seem quite happy. I'm watching them, hopefully it will cool down outside in the next week, geez, it's almost Oct! Thanks for the feedback.
85/100* and well ventilated & watered is within their comfort zone. Tellum to enjoy it while they can because soon they will be complaining about how cold it is!

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