What is up with the silkies?


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
Okay, so I got a silkie, it turned out to be a rooster. It does not roost like the other hens I have. He instead, sleeps and poops in the nesting boxes.

Is there a solution to this problem. I am tired of the nesting boxes being filled with poop. I cannot believe how much poop accumulates from that one rooster over night, it's CRAZY!!!

Our silkies would love to roost on the branch I nailed to the corner of the coop but the polish refuse to let them. They prefer to have something that is bigger around like a 2-3 inch branch or something and I think they prefer to want something that belongs to other chickens. Otherwise they sleep on top of the metal cans I have for food with a towel on it.
If the silkie is used to roosting in the nest boxes the only thing you can do is go in the coop after they settle in for the night and move him.
My silkie doesn't roost either. you can put his very own roost about 18 inches off the floor and move him there every night till he gets it... if he gets it.
I have lots of silkies and the white one always sleep on the bottom and never even jump up on a roost, the other colors will jump up and sleep on shelves in the coop. But I think it is because of the feathers over their eyes on the whites, they dont see as well as the other colors.
Do you have any hens laying? Is he young? Looks like he found him a good spot. I have one rooster that did that. as soon as the hens were ready to lay he never got in it again. I think He was just looking for a good stop for them. He is always showing them where the food is and being a good boy. Hope that is the same for you. Don't know.
Can you make him a new place of his own that he might like.

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