What is With this year and predators?!


11 Years
May 20, 2008
I have never had a problem with predators before, but in the last couple months I have lost 3 hens - two of them in the last two days. One I am sure was a winged predator, the other appears to have been nabbed out of the coop/tractor by a 4 legged predator. Grrrr... This makes me quite irritated, and really sad, as now I have to re-predator proof my coop but won't be able to get it done until late Thursday because of work. My poor girls... maybe I can find a quick fix in the a.m. so that they will be safe - at least until I can truly remedy the problem.
Not sure where you are at but here in TX we had a cold winter,and snow so predators had it hard so are hungry and getting bolder.
I killed 10 coons and 6 coyotes last month.
Around here we are having a raccoon population explosion. That is making things difficult for all the poultry. A group here is paying youth to trap raccoons to try to reduce the coon population. I hope it helps!

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