What is wrong with eye/skin?

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    This is a month old Faverolle. She is the only one with a bald area around her left eye and a bald area on top of left wing. When she arrived as a a day old, I thought she had watery eye. Eye seems good, but this skin condition is weird, and none of my other chicks (20) display these symptoms. If it were mites, I would think more chicks would be affected and not localized on just the eye/wing. Thoughts? [​IMG]
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    I have no idea about the wing other than maybe it could be a burn? I had a chantecler last year who had bare pink shoulders for a while (I thought he got burnt from a heating pad but it was inconclusive) and he turned out to be a rooster, it could be just that he was feathering slowly?

    The eyebrow thing, I had a banty cochin who had something similar to that because he got pecked (kinda like a scar) but when he feathered out into the handsome cockerel he is its completely invisible :)

    I hope its something similar to my cases and that they'll completely go away as they age <3

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