What is wrong with her foot?


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
Central MA
This is Wilma- 1 year old EE hen. She is currently molting... looks terrible... I picked her up to check her out and found this:


She is getting around fine, but her foot is swollen.... ?
She is kept in a good sized coop/run setup.. no walking on wire or anything....
So what is it, and what do I do about it?
Thanks for the link.
It's a good thing she lays pretty blue eggs, because she always has drama... went broody her first spring. I think she was eggbound a few weeks ago- she didn't lay an egg for a week, then started laying again after a warm bath and massage.
First to molt..

Now this... AHHHH!!!
Guess I need to pick up some supplies.
It's not too difficult to fix her up, especially if the 'plug" is fairly large. Good luck.
I thought I had one with bumblefoot,

I brought her in and carefully went through all the cleaning and cutting... I applied aloevera to keep infection out.

The worstpart was one afternoon I was working on her foot and the poor thing was just shaking. She'd closed her eyes and everything, I thought well, maybe this is it. But I kept at it and scrubbed it best I could with hydrogen peroxide and put on her little bandage.

She bounced back though, and this morning walked me out to my truck when I drove to work.

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