what is wrong with her neck?


11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
Is she molting, getting pecked on or is this from mites or something? Thanks for your help.

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Hi Momofchicks-I am from KY, too.
Are any of the other chicks looking like this?
Any going through a molt?
What type of bedding do you use?
Have you picked through the feathers to see if you can find any mites or lice? You can dust her with Seven Dust or Poultry Dust as a precaution, just keep away from eyes, vent. But, if there are mites, you'll need to treat nesting boxes, roosts, too.
I wouldn't think another would be pecking her there. I have one that molts a bit like that, she loses neck and head feathers and some around her breast bone, so I guess I'd tend to think that. If she is scratching herself alot there, then maybe parasites.
fourfeathers - I have never seen any of them scratch themselves, but I will start watching closely. There are two hens that have a mess on their back but it's from my Roo. He gets rough with them, they are his favorites. I use straw for bedding, as far as molting they turned 1 in April and I have no idea what molting looks like. I don't think they have had one yet. Thanks I'll start looking for signs of mites or whatever and dust them if I see anything.
My guess would be molting. i had one silkie hen start her molt on top of her head. i thought something was terribly wrong but could not find a lice or mite problem. Then it moved down her body and she now finally has her top knot back.
It sort of looks like molting to me; I had one that got swollen around her eyes when she molted, and it appears your girl is a bit swollen above her eye in the picture, just as mine did. I'll see if I can find a pic....here's a pic. She's not an attractive girl, but I love my Carmen!


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