What is wrong with her? :(


5 Years
Aug 8, 2014
After finding a lice in the coop, I treated all hens with sevin(1 day ago). In doing that, I noticed that my young buff had a nice infestation. The rest did not. I decided to go on and treat all hens for worms too(administered safeguard orally today).

Well, she has been kind of laying around the last few days, but today she is much worse. Sleeping under coop most of the day. And, today, I noticed her just standing at the fence, staring, having a hard time keeping her eyes open. She was totally out of it! On the other side of the fence are three young EE, and she was oblivious to them. But, periodically, she would perk up, notice they were there, and peck them. Then, she would go all spacey again and just stare, not even noticing they were there. Then, she would 'come to again' and 'see' them, interact. This went on for a bit. Kind of asleep with her eyes open.

What is this? Could this be from the mites/lice or worm treatment? If it is something else, what?


I want these hens back on the path to health asap and she is bad off! :(
When a chicken is lethargic, I would check them for diarrhea, and if they are standing around hunching or puffed up, then I would suspect coccidiosis. Other symptoms are ruffled neck feathers and a poor appetite, and some strains will cause blood in the poops. Corid or amprollium from the feed store cattle section is the treatment. If that can't be found, get Sulmet or Di-methox. Other causes could be worms or enteritis, a bacterial disease from the soil.
Thank you-I can get corid. I gave worn doses today so hopefully if it's that we have that taken are of too. :(
Well, I have seperated her and I am considering seperating the three others that came from the same place. :/ Her nose is not totally runny but it is crusty and dirty and she smells like wet dog, which is enough to make me pause. :( I am really hoping that this is not respiratory and I am really hoping that if it is, these chickens have not infected the 4 healthy birds that came from another place. :/
7 birds total(all from same place that came by wom as being good) have runny or crusty noses now. :(

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