What is wrong with my 3 months old campbell duckling? *Pictures*


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My duckling have been having this issue for a month now. He walks like he has no knees, and his tail are tucked under him like a dog who had done something it should not have done. Every time he tries to go stinky, his tail covers his vent, I think, then he flaps his wings, then sits down like he is tired from all that work. He is always lagging behind everyone. I free range them.




Here is my other normal ducks.

What should I do with him? Cull him? Thanks for any help.
My first thought would be that it could be some kind of vitamin deficiency. Even though your other ducks look fine, maybe this one is just more sensitive than the others or is a more picky eater. If he were my duck, I would try giving him some extra vitamins and extra niacin... unless someone has a better suggestion. You said they are free-range, but do they get any supplemental feed at all? Maybe they are missing something from their diet.
I have been giving them duck starter, but now I am giving them laying mash as I ran out of starter a week ago.
If he's a he, then he doesn't need to be eating laying mash. Not sure if that has anything to do with how he walks/stands, but my understanding is that a layer food isn't ideal for drakes.
I am planing to breed them this fall, or next year, so what kind of feed do I have to feed them? This is my first year on ducks, but have chickens for 9 years. Thanks.
Some people say drakes shouldn't have layer feed; others say it doesn't matter. A lot of people will just feed flock raiser and supplement it with crushed oyster shell so the hens get enough calcium. Typically drakes won't eat oyster shell.

There are some vitamins that ducks need more of than chickens. If your ducks are free-ranging, they usually get what they need on their own... but you never know. You could try adding some brewer's yeast or supplemental niacin to their diet and it might help. Do a forum search for "niacin" and you'll get lots of information about it. Niacin deficiency is known to cause leg problems, so that's why I'm thinking it could be an issue.
I do not own a duck (wish I did), but he/she almost looks like he/she could be part Indian Runner.....
I got them from Cackle Hatchery, but I wish I have gotten breeder stock anyway.
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I have nutri-drench on hand, will that work?

I honestly don't know, since I'm pretty new to ducks myself. It couldn't hurt, and I would try it since you've already got some.

Here are a couple of older posts about similar problems and about vitamin supplements. Maybe they can help you:

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