What is wrong with my baby chick???

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chicken211, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Aug 30, 2014
    First of all this chick egg was in with the mom and had a good size hole in it and had some pine shavings in it. 2 days later nothing happened (that hole was still there) and i did see the mom eat one little piece off the shell, just once), so i took the egg out (she wasn't really sitting on it) and i opened it to find a chick that wasn't moving. I watched it for a few minutes before i would have said good bye and bury it. A few moments in a saw the slightest movement of its beak which told me this chick is still alive. So we put it in a large container that has paper towels as the floor and a heat lamp a little over a foot above it so it won't be too too hot in there. we are at the second day under the heat lamp and it has been doing a little better from squirming around and rolling. Now it stands sometimes and looses its balance. When it isn't standing it puts its head all the way down and rests or rests on its side. It seems to only have its eyes open when it is standing. I do not know why it is so tired or weak if it didn't come out of its own shell and yes i know i cracked it open but it has been in there over 3 weeks. also i has a lot of trouble walking, one of its feet may not be good. Lastly it pooped a few times over the two days and in the poop there is a black spot that looks like a black gluey substance. What could all of this mean? why isn't it walking or whats with the poop? will it get better it did survive two days so far? also we have been trying to put water around the corner of its mouth with a dropper very carefully. we recently read that just the raw yolk can be good so we tried it with the dropper but didn't take it and water with a little sugar. Please help if it doesn't eat or drink soon i don't know what to do.

    another thing is the mamma hen has two chicks with her right now that are as healthy as can be. If i put this sick chick in with it will the mom accept it? (even if i slip it under her at night?) will the other chicks accept it? (it is the same color as one of them) will the chicks peck it to death? will the mom kill it? thanks again guys
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    Mama will kill it. It will not survive. Sounds like it is bleeding internally. Maybe it has an infection of some kind. It will not survive. Best to take it out of it's misery. Nothing you did. Life just happens that way sometime.
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