What is wrong with my chick

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Apr 12, 2019
SE Minnesota
I just got several 2-3 week old baby chicks on Wednesday and BAM. Can any one tell me what is going on with the chick that is going backwards? I did look for mites. I do not see any. I couldn't upload a video only a picture.



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Going backwards, literally? That would be a symptom of a neurological disorder.

Or backwards, figuratively? That would be a sign of shipping stress or failure-to-thrive or a crop disorder or constipation.
Welcome to BYC. Hopefully, it is just a temporary neuro sign. Walking backward, running in circles, and a neck that is twisted to one side, down, or upward can by related to wry neck. It can be caused by vitamin deficiency, a head injury, and in older birds, may be a symptom of several diseases, including Mareks. Most try treating with vitamins, E and B1 thiamine. Selenium which helps uptake of vitamin E, and can be given in a small amount of egg. If you can get Poultry NutriDrench or Poultry Cell vitamins at your feed store, you can start some today. Give a couple of drops daily. If it persists, start some vitamin E 400 IU, and squirt a little on her food or give it orally. Hopefully, it is just a temporary thing that will go away.

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