What is wrong with my chicken??

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    Dec 31, 2013
    Hi! Based on this video (skip to 0:25), can anyone tell me what may be wrong with my chicken? She is about 8 months old, a mutt of different breeds and is the largest of the 7 hens we have (no roosters). I have seen her do this a couple of times in the last few days. Do you see how big her chest is too? It looks odd. I'm not sure if she is laying or not right now. She is always the first to get to treats since she is the biggest. No other pets.
    Thanks for any help you can provide! [​IMG]
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    Nov 21, 2013
    I agree with flockwatcher.
    One of my sick chickens who has had impacted crop/ sour crop does this action a lot when she wants to move her crop to make herself comfortable .
    Now she has pendulous crop that her crop was damaged and always bump on her crop.

    Did you check on her poops?

    How about her comb? Does it look healthy?

    Is she eating / drinking as usual?
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