What is wrong with my Hen??? Fine yesterday, Listless today - Video!!!

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    Ethel is a 6-7 month old bantam cochin hen. I came out today around 1pm to check on my chickens, and found her alone in the coop laying on the floor. She is breathing slow and heavy with her mouth open most of the time. She won't walk, but she will balance on my hand when I pick her up. She was acting fine 24 hours ago.

    I've left her next to the waterer, and left food there for her too. I watched her for a while, and she is drinking some.

    FYI, I introduced 9 (one month old) chicks to the coop/run a week ago. They have all been acting normal. Also, she has never laid an egg so I dont know what to expect with that, but I don't think that's what's going on.

    Please let me know what might be wrong with her, and what I might be able to do for her. I am new to keeping chickens.

    Here is the link to the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-f-RpJ0k6I

    , Brooks

    1) What type of bird , age and weight. - Bantam Cochin Hen, 6-7 months, weight unknown
    2) What is the behavior, exactly. - listless, won't walk, but can balance while perching on hand
    3) How long has the bird been exhibiting symptoms? - less than 24 hours, walking around fine yesterday
    4) Are other birds exhibiting the same symptoms? - no
    5) Is there any bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma. - not that i can find
    6) What happened, if anything that you know of, that may have caused the situation. - dont know, but did introduce 9 chicks to coop/run 1 week ago. They were kept in brooder for 1 month and act fine
    7) What has the bird been eating and drinking, if at all. - wont eat crumbles, will drink water
    8) How does the poop look? Normal? Bloody? Runny? etc. - dont know
    9) What has been the treatment you have administered so far? - none
    10 ) What is your intent as far as treatment? For example, do you want to treat completely yourself, or do you need help in stabilizing the bird til you can get to a vet? - self treatment if possible
    11) If you have a picture of the wound or condition, please post it. It may help. - se attached video. Can post additional pictures or videos upon request
    12) Describe the housing/bedding in use - dirt run raked regularly, just raked last week. Pine shavings in coop.
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    She looks to me like she has an egg that won't come out. You have to examine, finger and food grade oil. You might want to try soaking her in a tub of real warm water. She just seems to me to have that stance of pain.

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