What is wrong with my hen???


11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
Okay a couple of days ago she seemed to be limping a bit and now does not want to even walk. She can stand but wants to lay down immediately. We think one of the other hens has been picking on her and not sure if that hasn't started all of this but that misbehaving hen has pecked feathers around her face and head since she basically doesn't move.

Brought her inside a couple of days ago and have her in the laundry basket. She eats well, drinks well, and doesn't seem to be uncomfortable. We pick her up for cleaning and she will stand briefly but lay right down, sometimes on her side, and lifts her wings out to the sides. She also hasn't been
laying either. There doesn't seem to be any sign of injury/sores to her leg or foot or anywhere else for that matter. I have started adding antibiotics to her water assuming she must be sick but I am confused. HELP!

On another note.... the misbehaving hen is pretty rough with most all of the other hens... pecking, pulling feathers, etc. and for no good reason. Can that be fixed or must she go?

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