What is wrong with my hen?


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Oct 19, 2009
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My hen "mother" has been a basket case ever since she has gone broody and she raised some chicks. Her babies are grown now and every since Mother has seem a little off her rocker. She was fine for a while and acted norm, laying eggs ect. In the last two months it's like she is "kinda" broody. She makes mother noises, doesn't lay, plucked her chest, is moody ect. Basically all the symptoms of being broody EXCEPT setting eggs. She has also lost some weight. Is she OK, but just a little Koo Koo, or is there something I should do?
uum..maybe you could get eggs for her to set on or just remove her from the nest box and make sure she can't get to it so she will stop trying to go broody again.
Motherhood tends to do that to alot of us, chickens and humans alike.

I would read up on the threads involving breaking a broody and start there.

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