What is wrong with my hens leg?


10 Years
May 6, 2009

I thought she broke her leg, but a month later (isolated for 3 weeks of the month bc the rooster really likes her) and she still doesn't want to put pressure on that foot/leg. She hasn't laid an egg in months, but I don't think I feel one in there. she is just 1 year old. she hasn't laid eggs since she went broody a few months ago. I think it was april or may that she tried hatching some eggs. no eggs since :(

I did have one of my 3 month chicks get coccidiosis a few weeks ago. Not sure if that helps any.
Gosh that is a long time to be resting her leg without healing. Is there any way you could take her to the vet for an xray? Have you given her vitamins while she has been isolated? I would try PolyVisol baby vitamins 2 drops daily. Many leg and foot problems are due to vitamin deficiencies. It is worth a try after such a long time.
Ok, I will try some vitamins, I didn't think of that. are those the ones with iron or without iron?

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