What is wrong with my roo?

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    I have a roo that was my first and has always been "The Boss". He has been with another roo, who I would say, was always at the bottom of the pecking order, for a couple years now. A couple months ago I added another young Roo in with this flock along with his 2 hens. 2 of the hens that "belonged to Roo #1 died. They had been with him the whole time I ave had him. I then moved the young Roo and his ladies out and added another sinlge young roo, to grow out. Now, Roo #1 sits with his head hiding in a corner all the time. He doesnt have any hens that he seems to claim, and he doesnt come out of the coop to the run at all. Everytime I go in the coop he is sitting there with his head in the corner! Roo#2 is always out in the run with everyone else and appears to be boss roo now? What is wrong with Roo #1? and how do I fix it?
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    It sounds like you have a new dominent roo and the original is affraid of him. The best fix would be to split them up into seperate pens with their own sets of girls.
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    Quote:^ This or give one away.
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    Chickens form strong family bonds with their flock, so they mourn when flock members pass on. In his depression the other roo probably has become the dominent one so i would watch their reactions to each other. perhaps a new flock for the original roo would be good for him. Help him move on and form new bonds which he may struggle to if the other roo doesnt let him.
    But otherwise treat the original roo a little perhaps, to try and perk him up a little x
    Hope he feels better soon<3

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