What is wrong with people?


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Jun 28, 2011
When my dad passed away we couldn't afford to buy him a proper grave stone, so my DH went and asked a guy who does metal work to make a simple cross we can put on the grave, so it's not just another anonymous pile of sand in the graveyard. We didn't get round to putting the cross there until this year though.
I told him today we should go visit the grave before we leave here, to say goodbye and I couldn't believe what I saw when we got there:

Some lowlife piece of rubbish human being stole the cross off his grave!
And the grave next to his got robbed too. What is wrong with people??? Can't they respect the dead at least?
How can anyone with no self respect have respect for anyone else, alive or dead? What a bunch of sorry creeps to desecrate your father's grave. I am sorry for your heartache.
yeah I have thoughts of this when I put stuff on my sons grave, I told my son never to take anything from a grave or else the one he took from will haunt him till it is returned and not to do harm to any, like knocking the head stones over it is disrespectful and you may not get it in this life but you next you WILL get it "IT", could be a very bad life.

Don't fret your father will make bad dreams for those people if they will return it I don't know.

I am sorry that happened to you and your father.

Same thing happens at the cemetery at the end of my street. For some reason, it has become sport to push over tombstones and steal anything of interest.

That cemetery even has cameras, and yet the vandalism is high.
How awful! That's pretty low down stealing from a person's final resting place. I guess some people just have no respect for anything at all. I am so sorry you're going through this :hugs
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Hate saying it sumi but I bet they stole it for scrap metal.
Contact the local scrap yards and see if anything like it was brought in and report it as theft.

A friend of mine had both her parents grave missed in a recent vandal at the cemetary where they are buried. The waste of space and air trash destroyed over a dozen head stones. They have no respect for anyone or anything.
I just hope someday someone does it to their beloved family member and they remember what they did and now realize how it must of felt to the families who grave sites they damaged.
They did steal it because it was metal. I should've thought of that and had a wooden cross made. We've been having such a problem with metal thefts locally that the hardware stores started stocking heavy duty plastic water taps. The scrapyards only drew the line when people started stealing manhole covers. Sadly they don't really care what people bring to them or if it's stolen.
We've replaced the cross with a nice rock I found in the veld next to the graveyard. My poor DH nearly killed himself rolling that thing to the grave, but we both feel better now there's something on it at least and hopefully it'll be left alone now!
I'm really sad that his happened now. We're leaving the country in 2 days and I didn't want to leave here with bitterness.

This must be pretty painful for you. You're sound like such a loving daughter.

Maybe you can have a friend come and carve something nice on the stone?

That sort of thing happens commonly, unfortunately. It is even worse on older graves or obscure graves/graveyards.

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