What is wrong with this chick????


12 Years
Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
Ok my guys are about 3 weeks old not everyone is feathered quite a bit.. This guy/gal looks pretty odd to the rest. Is there something wrong with it? It is growing the same it just looks odd. Thie first one is it and the second is just another chick out of the batch to show how much feathering it has to compaire it to.Thanks oh yes I am sure they are different breeds as we ordered a special assorted package. Not sure on the breeds of these two. Thanks


That is another issue I dont know I think this chick is an EE. We bought a batch of 32 from MM. They have been doing great I only lost one at arrival. I let my daughter pick what to get as she is doing 4-H and she picked the special assorted package. Soooo I have not been able to identify about 12 of the 32 chicks this is one of the 12 cant figure out.

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