What is wrong with this chicken?


Apr 30, 2016


She started acting funny a week ago and then Thursday i found her laying in the mud so i put her in a crate thinking she would die that day. She was still alive the next morning so i gave her food and water. I don't think she ever ate or drank. I gave her some water with a dropper yesterday and now she is looking better! She couldn't hold her head up yesterday and now she can. When i first noticed she wasn't looking normal her eyes were bright orange and the back of her head looked wet almost like she had a fever. She can not walk and her abdomen looks different . What is wrong with her? ( she is about 6 years old)
I'm sorry you are having trouble.

It's hard to tell, especially with older hens, things can start to go wrong and their system starts to fail.
She could be just dehydrated or she may be having internal/reproductive problems.

Try to get as much fluids in her as you can. Hydration first, then offer wet feed, you can add some egg, tuna or meat - whatever she will eat. If you have poultry vitamins you may want to give her some of those for a few days as well.

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