What is wrong with this egg??


5 Years
Mar 7, 2014
Elizabethtown, In
I went to poach a couple of eggs this AM. I cracked this one into the poacher. What looks like light yellow in the picture is more white and looks like the egg had started to cook. The yolk (sorry I broke it getting it out of the poacher) had several tiny blood spots.

The hen that laid this egg was attacked by dogs a few wks ago. She didn't lay for quit a while then started laying back to normal. This is the last egg she has laid which was almost 2 weeks ago. I have 2EE and an Austrolop. This was a brown egg so it was obvious who laid it. What could be the problem she acts like her old self except she will not get too far from the chicken run when I let them out to scratch.

While I am posting pictures here is my grand daughter with two of my chicks that her and her sister claimed as their own but I could take care of them. Imagine that. The other granddaughter was in need of a nap and wasn't up to photos. Here are the chicks. Pearl the Brahma and Rosa the gold laced Wyandotte. They named them without any help and I think done a very nice job Well that is enough of the Grampa showing off his granddaughte

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