What is WRONG with this school???????

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    can not believe the methods of getting a hold of the girl's parents is so poor! I would be very upset like the mother did and call the darn cops and give those little darling boys a good "scared straight"! It is unexcusable for the school to keep the girl in school and writing to the parents after it happened! Something is wrong here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont care how old the kids are but what they did was very wrong!

    What example are we teaching our kids and how the schools are putting this matter in effect??????? DCFS should not be the ones to handle all the school's problems!

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    link didn't work for me? [​IMG]
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    This appear to be a very serious situation. And I'm also sure there are two sides to the story. I wonder how many children-to-recess monitor workers is the ratio for this school. If greater than 1 to 25, it becomes very difficult to see everything as it happens.
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    link didnt work for me either
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    I posted earlier but hating public ed. I have worked at schools where they wanted to shush-shush any problems. Police weren't notified, parents weren't properly notified, press was lied to, teachers were prepped to say "no response", etc. Kids are packed in like rats. There is NO WAY one or two playground monitors can legitimately keep an eye on 40-60 kids.

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    Police can't do anything because the kids are so young.
    They're all in first grade.
    But they say the school can contact DCFS.
    The district won't say if it's done that because that's confidential.
    At this point they've met with the parents of the boys and the girl.
    And the boys are suspended until this is sorted out.
    Local parents say the district needs to investigate the school.
    Toniya Kelly's son went to Carrie Busey. But she pulled him out because she says he was hurt twice and she wasn't properly notified.

    “I believe the school board needs to look at the ratio of kids. How much help do they have? And is it enough help,” Kelly said.

    The mother of the girl who was attacked this week also says she wasn't properly notified. The school says it called and sent a note home.
    At this point the district says it's still investigating the matter. It has not made any decisions on changing its notification policy.

    I will keep finding something about this. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!
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    Ms Davis, the mother of the daughter, said that her daughter came home upset. The boys were taking her clothes off, making racial comments, choking, kissing and pawing her, etc. One student witnessed it and reported to her teacher.

    Have no idea of anymore information but the boys were in first grade and all were six years old. For that amount of time for them to do all those things, wouldn't you wonder where the teachers are??????? I could not believe AT that age they would be capable of doing it!
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    Quote:Unfortunately, I am not surprised that the school acted this way. It seems that some schools care more about their reputation then children's safety. They should take every step nessecary to prevent this from happening again.

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    Quote:me neither.

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    Not sure why the link would not work since it is on google website.

    I sure hope it does not happen again. It really created some hard feelings toward the school. They better get their act together and find out what exactly happened or why there was lack of supervision.

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