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May 30, 2020
We have had chickens for years, have lost hens to raccoons, strengthen repair the coop, and move on. So trouble is not new to us, but this Is weird. They quit laying about 4 days ago and EVERYONE, even my fierce, protective rooster, is hanging out in the rafters and will NOT come down. One hen died, looks like she may have had an injury like a bite that got infected but we are not sure, and another hen died but we don'f know why. What is going on??


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We'd like to help you figure this out, but we need more information. You will need to find them and report them here so we can find the clues and see where they lead.

First clue that something happened to your flock of a violent, scary nature is the hanging out in the rafters. Something other than a disease has threatened your chickens and traumatized them. Now you need to search for more evidence along that vein.

Examine the dead chickens. Take pictures of the injuries and post them. Describe the injuries, as well, so we can see what you see.

Search the run and coop for signs of predator entry. Look in the darkest, tiniest crevices. Some predators can compress their bodies and slip through improbable cracks, under gaps in doors and gate, or even gaps up near the eaves.


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If you have, or can get or borrow a game camera, I would set it up and see if you can get a picture of whatever is hunting/spooking your chickens. Depending on your ground around the coop, you may be able to sprinkle flour or cornstarch around and pick up some tracks overnight. Identifying whatever it is may help in discouraging it. When a predator is successful, it will keep coming back over and over. Some pictures of your coop set up may help in getting ideas to make them more secure so that nothing can get to them.

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