What is your coop maintenance routine?


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Apr 22, 2015
Have you researched diatomaceous earth for parasite control? I only have 2 girls who free range, so their coop is only used for sleeping and egg laying. I use bermuda hay all through it, with pine shavings just in their night pooping spots. I pick the poop up from just their sleeping area with the pine shavings every morning and then replace the shavings. Every few days I dust the coop with diatomaceous earth and sprinkle a tiny bit in their food every few feedings. It's a natural parasite control. I sprinkle some in their dust bathing spots. I never see any indication that they have any parasite problems. If you try it, be sure to buy the food grade. It's even beneficial for humans. I take a little pinch in juice every once in a while. CAUTION! It isn't toxic, but it works by absorbing moisture, which destroys the parasites. So, be very careful not to breathe it in.
I actually decided not to use DE. We have bees and I have heard it's not good for chicken or human respiratory and may not even be effective against parasites. I am adding garlic to their water. I haven't added a dust bath.. they just make one in the dirt, but I am looking into some using natural herbs. I really don't know what I'm doing, but I have learned a lot these last few months.


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I actually decided not to use DE. ......may not even be effective against parasites.
It's not.

I am adding garlic to their water.
Either is this...and can cause anemia.

some using natural herbs
Save the herbs and spices for when you cook the chickens.

Have permethrin dust or spray on hand to use if you find bugs when you examine your birds regularly for bugs.

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