What is your friendliest and least aggressive rooster? What breed is it?

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I'm looking into breeding some chickens and have be pets (which shouldn't be a problem with hens).
With roosters I want a good rooster (needs to be mating and protecting the flock) that not aggressive and friendly. I've been researching roosters and which ones are more aggressive. I came to the conclusion that I'll get a Cochin (large fowl) but there's
of course a problem my coop is too small to fit a 11 lbs rooster! I'm not putting a bantam Cochin or any other bantam in with them because that won't really work out. What breed should I get?
It all depends on the personality of the rooster, some of the same breed may be friendly and some may be aggressive. I do not own a rooster but i have heard that silkie roosters are friendly.
I have an Orpington cockerel, 7 months old and already almost 10lbs. His dad was about 14, so probably too big for your needs. But very docile and friendly. I think Barred Rocks are 7-8lbs and have a pretty good temperment. My neighbor has a Favorelle cockerel that is gonna be 6-8lbs and very docile. EE's are mid size and pretty easy going. Hope this helps.
I have a 18 month old BIG partridge cochin rooster and a 7 month old Salmon Favorelle rooster.

I really like my Cochin because he really looks out for his girls. He will even alert them when he sees a jetliner way up in the sky. Every now and then he gets it into his head to run at me from behind. It is sooooo annoying cuz then I have to turn around and stomp after him. My 7 year old granddaughter has "issues" with him. She likes to stand right over him and stare at him. I have told her a hundred times not to do that as it is an aggressive behavior towards the rooster, not to mention every other animal - including humans. Every now and then she gets the rooster to come after her and then whines to her father. Never has a mark on her but claims he "attacked" her. It doesn't help that her father tells her they are going to have him for dinner.

So far I have not had any problems with the salmon favorelle. He is a stunningly beautiful bird with a pure and musical crow. He is starting to show the girls good finds. So far not vigilant like my Cochin. He is quite the talker - constantly chit chatting to anyone who will listen.

So of you don't have any brat-kids around, the cochin would be a good choice. The Salmon Favorelle is a large beautiful rooster that is friendly with other chickens and people.
My RIR roo is very friendly. He has never spurred anyone except the cat lol. I can even carry him around under my arm like a sack of potatoes. I also have 3 more young cockerels, 1 barnyard, 1 cochin bantam, 1 gold laced waydotte (sp?). The G.L.W. shows no fear and will let u handle him, but will bite and show aggression if u aggravate him and he dont even have tail feathers yet. The other 2 just stay out of the way. Good luck finding your perfect rooster, if you get one you dont likeyou can always trade him for a different one. One thing i have noticed is people are always trying to sell or give the roos away, they only want the pullets.

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