What is your hatch percentage on shipped eggs?

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I was curious as to what everyone else's hatch percentage has been on shipped eggs. I know shipping and incubators will play a big part in your hatch percentage. This is not a discussion on anyone who has sold bad eggs,eggs not packed right etc. Just want to know from those who buy and hatch shipped eggs what your hatch percentage was providing that the eggs arrived in good condition and the incubator was running perfect.
I've had anywhere from 25-60%. Remember the movie "Pet Detective"? I would swear that's what happens to them sometimes. Even just the shaking in a vehicle can rattle the life out of them. It's a gamble, don't get your hopes up unless you are willing to lose something.
In the same week this year I received two shipments of eggs at the same time during this past early July. I ordered a couple dozen eggs from GA and 36 eggs from CO I had 24 of 36 to hatch from CO and only 4 hatch from GA. Same week, similar packing methods and both were sent UPS 2nd day. It just depends on the individual trip.
I don't know the rules, and didn't ask, but in case I told the egg senders to put eggs in a unmarked plain box, plus I think being unmarked even with usps bring less attention.
If you tell them that it's hatching eggs they won't ship them because they don't do live animals and they consider eggs live because they are live embryos. We checked on this earlier this year.
I would recommend the don't ask don't tell method in an unmarked box. No-one will get in trouble over this, just maybe a refused shipment at the door, but if they take the box and you pay for shipping I'm sure most likely the box will arrive on schedule. I used to be a police officer and I am well aware of other prohibited items being shipped successfully. Ha eggs are the least of UPS's worries... If it was illegal I would say don't do it. But just a policy? Oh well try it. Just be smart and don't write HATCHING EGGS on the box
I only buy and hatch eggs in the spring and fall. percentages vary wildly....depending on many factors but i have had 0% hatches as well as 90% hatches and everything in between. one thing that i have found is that eggs cannot be totally wrapped in saran, or foil during shipping or lack of breathing air causes suffocation, and accelerated deterioration. Bubble wrap seems to allow enough circulation with the cells facing in towards the egg.

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