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    May 8, 2008
    Summer was kinda crappy. A lot of rain.= crappy since I had plans that all included outdoor stuff.
    Chickens are all doing well. Horse is doing well. Dog, cats, bunnies.. all good. Kid is awesome.

    My dh's company was merged with another. They laid off A LOT of people. Luckily dh wasnt one of the people let go. However they are closing his office in Harvard Square and letting he and the one other guy they are keeping work from home. So I have been cleaning and organizing the "office" and such making room for his desk. The official date to WFH is the 17th! YIKES! So when he gets back from Salt Lake he has a week to get the rest of his stuff home.

    To me this is better than great. I was looking for part time gigs. Was lucky enough to find one, but got laid off. Found another, but the pay isnt enough to make it worth keeping. Plus its seasonal. I lost 2 months worth of pay due to rain. I was going to have my dd spend after school with a friend and pay the mom to watch her. Then the mom told me she was preg again and due in March. 4th kid. Not gonna work. She already barely has control over the ones she has.Then dh told me that he was going to be WFH . So it all worked out. He can get her to and from school. I can now look for a full time job!

    thats bout it. Hope everyone is hanging in there and having a great summer as well.
    And I have an interview Tuesday for one! Yay!! For a great company that pays well and is as "stable" they can be now a days. I guess they have several positions open in two different depts. And with my CS skills and auto knowledge they are interested! Had the phone interview this morning. Got an email asking me to come in Tuesday this afternoon! YAY ME! With luck I will be starting there before school begins or shortly there after. I need a new roof on the house ASAP.
    Plus I cant wait to get my credit score back UP.
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    Good luck on the interview. Sounds like both your lives will be changing - he will begin working from home and you will begin working away from home.

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