what just happened - is my girl ok ?- or - soft shell with "cored" over hard shell - slimy egg

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    ( Sorry about the pine bedding mixed into the "stuff"; it was unavoidably scooped up with the whole "egg package/ mess ...)

    We had to moved the girls to today. When I went in to their new place , which is larger than what they were in before, I found what I thought was going to be a soft shelled egg, laying in the pine bedding below the roost. non of the girls were on the roost. Minie is the only one I have that lays this color egg shell so know it is from her. She is an EE as far as I know. I have had her since she was 4 weeks old. She laid her first egg 9-14-2014. She has not produced an egg in about 5 weeks, which I had contributed to the colder weather as we were not providing extended lighting hours to supplement the shorter days till recently nor any heat lamps except when I was in the coop to clean each for for about an hr total time. ( for my comfort rather than theirs) . She eats well, drinks well, is active and normal . No signs of internal or external parasites . Her pea comb and face have always been red to pinkish but never pale, faded, dull or white. she has not been around a rooster since the last week of September or first week of October 2014.

    When I picked up what looked like a soft shelled egg, the outer "skin like soft shell " broke to and inside was this hard shelled egg covered in slimy gook .

    I have lots of questions ....
    Can any one give me any idea as to what happened here? Is there something wrong with her ? What can I do, if anything, to help her? should the egg be thrown out? is it safe to cook and feed back to here the other girls? is there something i need t add to her diet that isn't an antibiotic ( certain ones I am severely allergic to even trace amounts of ) ?

    Any help or suggestions would be truly appreciated and thank you in advance .

    Edit: they also have oyster shell calcium and grit available to them at all times. They get probiotics and electrolytes about once a week or if there has been some stress to them ( a needed bath, injury, moving, predation , etc.,) , and organic AV with the mother every other day except on days they have the probiotics and electrolytes . Their water is changed twice daily and the waterer(s) scrubbed clean each night.
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    That is a strange one, but probably nothing to worry about unless it happens multiple times.
    Looks like an extra membrane and chalaza, probably formed around a completed egg that maybe backed up.
    Fully formed eggs can 'back up' and get encased in another shell, sometimes with another fully formed shelled egg.

    If she hasn't laid in 5 weeks this could just be a 'start up' glitch as often can happen with new layers and older birds coming back into lay after time off for molting or winter or brodding. Funky eggs can also happen during times of stress, like moving to a new coop.

    As long as she's eating, drinking and pooping normally and doesn't show any other signs of illness(lethargy, isolation, etc) just keep any eye on things. Hopefully she will begin to lay normal eggs.
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    I agree with aart. Looks like a fully formed egg got an extra membrane and chalaza before maing its grand entrance.

    i would not worry too much about it unless the bird is acting funny or it happens several times. I bet in a day or so you start getting nice normal eggs from her!
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