What Killed My Chicken?

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    May 24, 2008
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    Monday evening when I went to close up my barn coop for the evening, I picked up several of the chickens and stroked them as I usually do. My Barred Plymouth Rock rooster, who has always been much smaller than everyone else (including the Plymouth Rock rooster that we ate, that was the same age) and is now about 6 months old, was notably a bit odd.

    When I picked him up, he closed his eyes and stretched out. I rubbed his comb and body a little and he was very passive and quiet. Tuesday when my barn hands arrived, they found him dead with no signs of foul play or predation, in what sounds like the same location. Could I have killed my chicken just by handling him? Is it possible he had some sort of congenital defect?

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    * Yes, definitely possible that he had a heart problem or something else, especially as he was smaller than he ought to be. I'm sorry. I know it hurts. Don't think it was anything you did. Sometimes they just go like they weren't meant to be here. Often they are the sweetest ones that we miss the most. [​IMG]
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    Been there this week. [​IMG]

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