What killed my chickens?


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
In Southern England, Oxfordshire, sometime in the hour before dark our 3, 15month old chickens (2 Warrens 1 Sussex Amber) were savagely attacked and killed in their pen. The method of killing was identical. In each case they had been attacked at the base of their back and 2 puncture marks presumably from incisor teeth could clearly be seen some 3cms apart. They had not yet put themselves to bed in their coop but their pen (10m x 3m) is surrounded on all sides by 14g 2" wire mesh fencing 2 metres high.
I have set a squirrel trap (live capture), baited with a bit of dead bird, and the first night this trap had been tipped over and moved but the trap was not triggered. 2 more nights no activity.
Can anyone tell me what killed our birds and how to catch it?
We want to replace the birds but not until we know what we are up against and can protect them. Burtwood 23/4/13


7 Years
Nov 20, 2012
Likely by a weasel-like animal called the local Svsar killed. It feeds on the blood of animals. To get live chickens and eggs should you use in a trap.

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