what killed our flock?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by farleyaj, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. farleyaj

    farleyaj New Egg

    Feb 27, 2012
    We had our flock destroyed last night. We had two large roosters and 7 jersey giant hens. Something came and killed all the chickens and two large hens (the one hen apparently put up a fight and had a predators eye laying next to it), our fence was bent over (like something large got in), two chickens were dragged outside of the fence and the rest were dead inside the fence. SOme were ripped apart but at least half were not really eaten at all just killed. They were not burried or covered with anything. Our chickens are in an elevated chicken coop (and unfortuntly the door was open (must have opened with the loud wind that evening). What would kill them all and leave their carcasses? All the heads were on the chickens as well. We live in the poconos of pennsylvania off a main road but there is a mountain and hills nearby. We originally thought minks (because there are rivers nearby)- but with the bent fence and the chickens dragged outside the fence (there are no other holes large enough to drag out of) we were thinking something larger. Also minks couldnt get into the coop because its elevated i would think.....Any ideas? We have not seen any racoons or predators around during the day besides a neighbors cat (which is about the size of our rooster). The ground was frozen so there were no footprints or any evidence.

    Thanks! This was our first flock of chickens ever and are a bit devastated and want to make sure we dont make the same mistake again (and will fortify our fence and coop much better)-but we'd like to see what we are up against!
  2. farleyaj

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    Feb 27, 2012
    We were also concerned a bobcat might do this damage?
  3. StevieNay

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    Feb 17, 2012

    An eye was ripped out? You can't tell what it was from that? The only animal that I can think of that kills and doesn't always eat what it kills is a cat, but I'd think a cat wouldn't stand a lot of chance against a flock. Maybe hurt or injure some, but not kill several, and it certainly couldn't bend the fence. Have you checked to see if there have been bobcat sitings recently in your area? I don't know much about your locale. :(
  4. mmktdox

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    Both myself and our neighbors have had problems with racoons (we caught and killed them so we know it was coons) and they killed chickens and did not eat them. They ate some parts but not all and they killed quite a few and then left the carcasses intact. For the record, I hate racoons!!! :)
  5. bj taylor

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    Oct 28, 2011
    North Central Texas
    can raccoons get through hardware cloth? i don't see much in raccoon activity around here, but i know they're around.
  6. zookeeptd

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    Feb 15, 2012
    North Mississippi
    We had this happen to us last Nov but there were no signs of it being animals and a hole was torn in the wire 4 1/2 ft up from the ground. I understand your pain. Heads were ripped off and next to bodies or legs broke with birds still alive. 25 chickens and 27 Guinneas (some we were raising for a friend). It was our first chickens and I was devestated!! I now own a gun, a hot fence, cameras and sensor lights. Also a new window in my bedroom that gives me perfect view of our coop. Words can not describe how this makes us feel!!
  7. Capvin

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    Apr 13, 2011
    Lake Placid, FL
    Where you live the list of probable predators is quite long. I think the only mistake you made was not having the run area secure enough to keep predators out.
  8. bargain

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Bowdon, GA
    Predators are certainly out there. We have been having raccoons and now hawks attacking in the day time with me only 20 feet away.... They really must be getting extra bold. I cringe about the hawk especially, although we have hard ware on the side, the tops of the tractors are lighter materials.

    I would say that this sounds more like a dog or bobcat attack but it's hard to know....I'm so sorry for you. We had a very horrible wild dog attack when we first came to the farm. I think it might be wise to set some raccoon traps. Hope you can find out what's going on.
  9. Ibicella

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    Nov 13, 2009
    Everett, WA
    Definitely not a house cat. My thought is a dog or a raccoon. Both can be incredibly big and very strong, and both have a penchant for killing just for fun.

    Your hen took out it's eye? WOW. [​IMG]
  10. needmoresilkies

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    Feb 27, 2012
    Columbus Ohio
    either a weasel or a raccoon. They both rip the chickens to shreds and dont even eat them.

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