What kind and sex of chicken is this


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5 Years
Apr 13, 2014
We got 6 white leghorn chicks from our tractor supply and they all look like white leghorns,we got them in February so I'm guessing they are about 8 weeks old, but this little guy it has green legs and is developing a tan colored breast, it's also quite small and developed after the other chickens. I'm thinking it's an Easter Egger Roo any ideas or suggestions
It has me stumped too I'm just so curious I can't stop researching to try to find out thank you
I don't know either but, he sure has beautiful eyes. You can post photos of him at "what breed or gender is this," a side tab in the Chicken breed forum.
Hello kelsie2290 and thank you I'm enjoying my time spent on here learning new info for and about chickens

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