What kind of animal is this??


7 Years
Aug 4, 2012
Canada Amaranth
Hello, 2 of my ISA Browns died, and a white ferret looking thing ate them (Dead)
. Do you know what this is?? It only eats dead chickens. I found a hole in our driveway (Our driveway is rocky) and my mom thought it was that animals home. It might live underground? What is this? Do you know?

We have lesser weasels in lower Michigan. They have dark brown coats in the summer and white in the winter. I lost 1/2 my flock of duckling to one in 1 night. The weasel ripps out the throat and drinks the blood with little damage to rest off the body.
I hope you are not dealing with a weasel, they are practically impossible to trap :( Even with 3 live traps and 6 jaw traps!

I never did catch that weasel. I fort knoxed the coop and he finnally moved on when he couldn't get in anymore.
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