What kind of bite?


10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Weird question, i know. but i was at the town park yesterday with my friend and boyfriend and we went on the playground (lol!) and i was sitting on top of some little monkey bars or something and something bit me. the bug was gone, but there it was bleeding right where it bit me. i jumped off and i instantly thought a spider bite, because i have gotten them before, and they looked the same. i squeezed a good amount of blood out hoping somehow that would help. well about 20 minutes later, we're leaving and my leg still hurts and it itches like crazy. i look and it had already started swelling up with the red bite in the middle. even then, it was like an egg where it was swelling. it still itches like crazyyyy and the swelling is getting bigger. i tried to get anything i could out, because last time it ended up that i couldn't walk anymore (it was on my knee) and when the nurse looked at it, she rubbed it and some puss came out. (sorry, gross details.) i've been trying to save myself the pain. any idea what bit me?
don't know but to help with the itch i would say some of the anti-itch lotions available and maybe some benedryl.
If you react that strongly to bites, take some Benadryl right now. It will help with both the itching and the swelling. Since it was bleeding I would say possibly a biting black fly. We have tons of them up here in Maine, not sure if you have them down your way. But after they bite, it leaves a foamy, bloody residue that usually scabs over. The bites do tend to itch like crazy and ooze for a few days after. I just got bit on my head this morning. Grrrr!
yeah i've been using some anit-itch cream. it works pretty good. but thanks for the advice. i react strongly to about all bites. mosquito bites get huge, but i get bit so many times that i dont really even notice them anymore.

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