~What kind of chicken, duck, goose, ect. hatching eggs do you sell???~

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    I just want to know what kind of hatching eggs that YOU sell... Whatever the egg may be from... It could be chickens, ducks, geese, swans, guineas, emus, ostriches, ect. Make sure you tell the following:
    1.) What type of fowl~
    2.) What breed of that fowl~
    and last
    3.) What they are good for (It could be pets, showstock, or even the talk of the town!)

    Pictures would be great too!!!
  2. I have Khaki campbell duck eggs! They lay eggsellent! Some of the best layers. I get an egg a day from my little hen faithfully. In the past 14 days I have gotten 13 eggs! She is such a good girl!

    This is the hen

    This is the Drake (sorry about the focus)

    Both of them

    If you are interested just send me a PM and let me know! [​IMG]
  3. chicken stalker

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    Does any one have crested blue swedish ducks?
  4. shelleyd2008

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    Right now, all I have is chicken eggs. There are standard mixes and bantam mixes. The standards are RIR, SLW and white rock. There are roos and hens of all three breeds in the same pen. There are a couple of columbian rock hens in there as well. The bantam mixes are hard to say. 1 hen is araucana mix, one is black dutch, and one is probably a brichen game standard cross with silkie! The roos are either red pyle OEGB or blue splash dutch. They all free range, so it's hard to say.

    I will have rouen, pekin, and cayuga duck eggs in the spring, as well as buff and porcelain/light lavender (can't tell which) guineas, if I can find the nests. I will probably have non-bearded white silkies as well, but these are at most breeder quality, probably pet quality. Will have different types of bantam in the spring, as well as standard BB Red OEG. I have a lot of broodies right now.
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  5. DutchChic

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    Let's see....I will have in LF:
    B/B/S/Buff Orpingtons (all nice breeder quality)
    WC B/B/S Polish (nice breeder quality)
    Gold Laced Polish (hatchery stock, not sure about quality yet)
    and possibly lavender Orps sometime next year.

    In Bantams I will have:
    True Dutch Bantams out of SQ stock, in LB, CLB, BCLB.
    Buff Laced Sebrights---very nice breeding stock, poss. SQ
    Porcelain D'uccles (breeder stock)

    I will have pics of all my breeding birds by the time I'm ready to sell eggs. Will be building a website over the winter. [​IMG]
  6. Standard Fowl
    Light Brahmas : good for show, meat, eggs, pets
    Salmon Faverolles: good for show, eggs, meat, and pets

    Bantam Fowl
    Silver Sebrights : good for pets, show
    Silkies (buff, and mixed color) : good for show, pets, broodies
    Old English game bantams (Black Breasted Red, Self Blue) : Good for pets, broodies, show

    Mixed Color Call Ducks
    Gray Call Ducks
    Mandarin Ducks
    Toulouse Geese

    I sell eggs for all of the breeds listed.








    I think I went overboard on the pictures. lol [​IMG]
  7. DutchChic

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    Quote:I want some of your Self Blue OEG eggs, and some Mandarin eggs!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Most already know I have Blue Orpingtons and Barred Plymouth Rocks, but this spring, I will have heritage Delawares from my young cockerel and his two girls. The roosters are below-Suede, Dutch, Mace & Jake:
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  9. DutchChic

    I hope my mandarins lay this spring. I was hoping for them to start this year, their first year. But they never did. Then I was told that most dont lay the first year. So I will be very very busy hatching mandarin eggs this year. lol

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