What kind of chicken is on the Muddy Run/Coop article?


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Sanford, NC
Can anyone tell me what kind of chicken is in the picuture on the Muddy Coop and Run article on the home page of BYC now? It looks like a Wyandotte, but it is white and light red. I thought it was really pretty and just wondered if it was a specific color or project. It is the chicken with its wings all spread out. I am not sure who the picture belongs to, when you actually open the article it doesn't show that picture as part of the article.


could be a light rlbw with the wrong comb type or a buff laced brahma with a vary small pea comb since you cant see the legs to see their color or if they are feathered you might want to ask on that page what she is
Thanks! I posted the question there also. I was thinking it was an older article so I wasn't sure if anyone would see the question there, so I thought I would try here too. It would be nice if she were standing to give a little better idea on body style, but maybe someone will know the owner and be able to point me in their direction.

Just noticed you are from right up the road from me. I am from Sanford. :)
yup been there a few times

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