what kind of chicken is this anyway?

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    When we bought our 3 chickens from the local feed store, we bought one of each type that was available. 1 Buff Orpington. 1 Barred Rock, and 1 Americuana. As a chic the Orpington was a yellowish fluff ball, gradually it turned completely white. The man at the feed store thought it would change to buff after it matured but now at 6 mos and laying she is a large pure white chicken. The weird part is she is layig blue/green eggs???! SOOOO what could she be? I have looked on a chart but didnt find a white chicken that lays colored eggs. She has olive green legs w/ cream color toe nails, brown eyes, and is a LARGE chicken for 6 mos, compared to the Americauna. [​IMG]
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    Ameraucanas that are sold "off the rack" (hatchery chicks) are usually mixes....Easter Eggers. They can come in any color or pattern imaginable, most do have green tinted legs. Fun, beautiful birds!! That is probably what you have.

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