What kind of chicken is this?


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Nov 1, 2015
My daughter ordered a variety of chickens but doesn't know what they are. Three of them I'm pretty sure what they are and maybe the fourth. But this one has me curious. She doesn't really have a comb or a waddle. She is unique compared to the other four. Here's a couple of pictures. I would appreciate the help.

If you're in the U.S. that's Dark Cornish. If you're somewhere else in the world it's called an Indian Game. Same breed, but different names for different countries. And it's definitely a pullet.
Dark Cornish pullet. They're not stellar egg layers, but they're good foragers and supposed to make great broody momma hens.
Can anyone tell me what breeds..



Araucana are rumpless, meaning they are missing a few vertebrae that form the rump. Your's looks like she's just molting her tail feathers. They also do not have muffs, ever. Araucana have tufts, which is an entirely different facial feathering.
Ameraucana do have muffs, but only come in a few colors, and always have white skin with a 'slate' wash on their legs. Your's has yellowish legs, and isn't one of the recognized color varieties for Ameraucana.
Easter Eggers usually resemble Ameraucana, but don't meet the requirements for the breed.

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