What kind of chickens are these?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by cloverchick, Feb 1, 2014.

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    We got these chickens about 2 weeks ago. They will not stop eating. I think they are about 2 months old. I just thought they were starving to death when I first got them, because they just attack any food I give them. I think they'd eat all day, if I let them.

    I try to feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. They're not leaving any for my other chickens (luckily they free range).

    Will they lay? I've heard of these meat birds you have to butcher before a certain age or they will die of a heart attack. HELP!
  2. Cornish cross, they are fast growing meat birds
  3. No they are not for laying eggs and you are right about need to butcher at an early age;

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    Where did you get them? Didn't they know if they were meat birds or not?

    They could be White Plymouth Rocks. I'd think they'd be bigger if CornishX at 8 weeks old unless they are younger than that. If they are meat birds then they are designed to be slaughtered at 10 weeks or so. Depends on what and how much you feed them. People have and do keep them as pets with restricting feed and picking them up to put in coop and such but that seems like a headache to me and would rather butcher them. They will lay eggs but not as many as your layers and with extra care can live for years.
  5. You do need to feed them high protein chick grower at all times.
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    Yes, those look like meat birds. They are not layers and need to be butchered early in life. You can not keep them as pets as they won't live long.

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    [​IMG] Did you know you were getting meat birds? They will literally eat themselves to death which is why they are Processed at a young age.

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